Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello friends!
On the second Thursday of every month 2 projects will be posted by 2 talented designers that are found on the web.  The patrol is sent out to find super-fabulous projects using our stamps and templates!  Facebook and personal blogs are our favorite places to look.

Carly Robertson
I gasped when I saw this card!  What's not to love?  That sweet chick, the rockin' color combo, all that wonnnnnnderful texture. SO swoon worthy!

Leigh O'Brien
Don't you just LOVE her design and cute added touches?  Leigh colors beautifully.  What she did what that heart is simply divine!

Soooo, post those Paper Smooches projects everywhere you can, for a chance to have your name and project displayed here.

An e-mail will be sent to designers prior to blog posting to ask for permission.

We decided to refrain from selling our stamps to retail stores at this time, but after serious consideration, we felt that it was alright to get our feet wet by selling our stamps to a few local scrapbook/stamping stores.  I talked with a store owner from Tuscon, Arizona today and we decided that it would be a fun opportunity for both of us to sell our stamps in their lovely Brick and Mortar store.  Teaching opportunities are a plus and we think that this will be a wonderful way to begin our journey.  We hope that you will understand that it's important for us to take baby steps while we grow our business.  At this time, the Paper Smooches web site will be the only online source for buying our stamps.  We truly hope to work with retail stores outside the Arizona area in the future, and we believe that this will help us manage our business at this time.  We will keep you posted every step of the way!



  1. Fun cards! Love all your fun ideas. I'm already excited to see next month's release. I'm toootally hooked! :)

  2. CUTE cards ladies!!!

  3. Super cute! I was wowed by Leigh's card when I saw it on Facebook.

  4. Loved what Carly Robertson did with PS stamps. Thanks for showcasing both of these designers...

  5. You know this is so wonderful to get to see some of the inspiration being created out there. So glad you are sharing. Too bad I'm having to wait until pay day to get my inky fix. Love your new stamps Kim and WHOA is this a dream team of designers or WHAT??

  6. Just had to smile as soon as I saw these cards! I'm envisioning that cute bat on a H'ween card.
    Good luck on your brick and mortar retail endeavor!

  7. eeeek! Both cards are Fabulous!! ;D

  8. I love both cards and I absolutely adore your stamps Kim. Always have. I hope everyone keeps inspired!

  9. Super sweet cards! I posted 2 cards I made w/that set. Expecting another Paper Smooch set this week can't wait to ink that one as well :0


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