Friday, April 15, 2011

let's chat about the boobs

boob tubes, of course :)

There are some elements included in this set that may or may not be obvious, so I thought I'd point out some tips.

That rounded top is for antennas (but it's not needed of course)

The TV on the left could be a radio or washer/dryer, depending on your sentiment choice and how you decorate it.

The boomerang shape is so retro - create backgrounds with it, create a border strip or use it as a funky heart

the "twinkle" shape can be used to add to the retro feel.  It makes a TV screen look shiny if you use it there, but you can also use it for snowflakes!

The TV on the rights shows how you can create a face (I suppose it could be a robot head as well)

When I asked what your favorite PS stamp set was - BOOB TUBES came out on top!

I love that long clear stamps BEND!  I colored the TV with Copics.  Looking at this card now, I wish I colored the outlet chord at the end black:)

Enjoy your day and weekend friends



  1. Ahhh, brilliant! Thank you for pointing some of those sneaky little details out! That TV would make a DARLING washing machine!!! :)

  2. I think that TV could also be a cool retro clock if you drew a face inside. Thanks for sharing these tips and ideas!

  3. Such great ideas for this set! TFS =)

  4. I so love this set!! Thanks for all of the little details.

  5. Holy crud.. when I saw that title in my reader I almost peed my pants!!!!!!!! Kills me.. every.single.time...

    And thanks for sharing the 'insider tips' on the set.. Too darn cute!!!!!

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  7. Okay not sure how my last post was deleted LOL
    Anyways I wanted to say that I think this set is adorable. I personally do not think I would have much use for it had I owned it but I love all the ideas and cards that have been showcased using this set. I love that sentiment!

  8. LOL!! First of all I LOVE the title of this blog post (me and my sense of humor) and secondly, I LOVE the ideas for this set! It is so unique and the creativity of this set astounds me! :) I can't wait to use this set more - TOO CUTE!


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