Monday, May 23, 2011

Grow Giggles

I am hoping that this flowers teethy grin makes you do exactly that today "grin"

How fun that Heidi created a seed packet wrap!!  The kraft color reminds me of dirt, the zig zag paper reminds me of a fence and that fabulous green burlap is grass to me.   Of course it wouldn't be complete without a sweet sunflower as the main focus.  I am noit sure if this was Heidi's intention, but I appreciate her attention to detail.


Kryssi - that clever girl!  She cut the flower stem from the flower pot base and used them separately.  That flower looks downright giddy to be getting some water from that cute flowering can.  Oh- Em-Gee - I love this card!!

We hope you had a nice weekend and that your week is even better than the last.
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  1. These are so clever! Makes me want to garden :D

  2. Cute, cute, cute! These get me in the right kinda 'em!

  3. A seed pack wrap. Who woulda thunk? Love it. And that sweet little flower is soooo cute!


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