Wednesday, June 22, 2011


. . . this card just makes me happy :)
I love that die cut frame!!  Teri's deign, mix of color and pattern is simply wonderful.

Ashley sent me the cutest card for today's post!  How clever is this???
She used the dotted smile for the snowdude and made moving snowballs...screeeeech, so cute!!  Check out that pile of makes me miss snow!  I just adore your sweet little touches.
Thank you for joining us this month, it has been a pleasure.  You are a very talented girl :)

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  1. Arrr he's so cute, love how he's juggling the snowballs:)
    Jenny x

  2. These are both super cute! Love those moving snowballs!

  3. The juggling snowballs! i totally want to copy this! thanks for the idea ashley.

  4. So clever! So cute, so creative! Giant smiles here!

  5. love Ashley's trick with the snow dude! so clever.

  6. So cute! Love both Teri's card and Ashley's. The snowballs are such a great idea!

  7. love the snowman seeing all the ideas.

  8. Teri's card is gorgerous... I love the bright colors! And, I love how Ashley used the dotted smile to make her moving snowballs (althouh I can't quite say that I miss the snow yet :)

    I seriously canNOT wait to get some extra money so I can have some Paper Smooches stamps of my own!!!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com

  9. What a bold beauty by Terri! And Ashley's smiling snowballs ... the bomb! :)

  10. Such great cards, love the snowball pile and moving snowballs on Ashley's card =) TFS!

  11. Awesome cards!! Ashley!! I had the same idea to juggle the snow balls, but good thing I didn't make the actual card, cause yours totally rocked!! :)


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