Tuesday, June 14, 2011


When I did some research of what would qualify for folk images, I was pleased to see a matryoshka doll pop up numerous times...I love them!

Laurie paper pieced hers with such rich colors.  I think her hand drawn stitches are so cool!  And oh my, that bow...and her design...well, I think it's safe to say that I love every inch of this darling card :)

Ohhhh, and check out how Heather created this bright and cheerful card with a wonderful paper pattern that really makes the doll POP!  Her card is so playful and feminine (swooooon)  Did you notice the fabulous glitter? 

You have 2 more days to try out for our Guest Designer spot in July...deets are HERE

I feel so relaxed and refreshed from our vacation.  With a clearer mind, I decided to feature 5 projects every month on our PS Patrol day instead of 2.  There is waaaaay too many amazing projects out there - it's SO HARD to narrow it down!  So, on the 2nd Thursday of each month, be prepared to be extra-inspired.

I had plans to add video tutorials to our blog all along, but it's definitely time to make it happen.  So, just a heads up that I will be adding them on Fridays when I can.  Not every Friday necessarily, but that will be the day of the week to look for them.  I am a little camera shy, but I think I can get over that uneasiness.  (grin)

thank you so so so much for joining us today


  1. Ooh, I like videos. I'm camera shy too but it's mainly because I have a southern accent and can't stand to hear myself on tape. LOL

  2. Super sweet cards + I'll be looking forward to those video tutorials!!!

  3. That is a great stamp! Super cute cards!

  4. The little doll is colored so nicely. These are amazing cards, there's always so much talent here! Thank you!


  5. These are adorable! I'm looking forward to the videos. I know they are only going to make me want more of your stamps! :D

  6. How different are these cards??? love these stamps too. Videos sounds like a great idea :)
    Jenny x

  7. these are wonderful! I love your little matryoshka doll, it's next on my list!!!

  8. Such great cards with that doll-stamp =) Also, I'm really looking forward to videos! TFS =)


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