Monday, June 6, 2011

hey Folks!

Heidi's card screams folky with a modern twist.  Those stitches and that folk flower border are super CUTE touches!  I love that she stamped on a button,!

ok, sweetness alert!  I am in amazement of Kryssi's clean style.  It really makes the images POP!  What a fabulous shaped card!!!!  GREAT job using so many images on one card :)

As we speak, I am headed on vacation with my family until the 12th of June.  All of my blog posts are prepped and ready to go while I am gone.  I will have access to e-mail if anyone needs me.  My wonderful Mother In Law is filling in  for me while I am away.  My Dad will be here dog-sitting and tieing the bows for each order.  You are in great hands :)

thanks for stopping by


  1. Have a fabulous vaca...great cards by heidi and kryssi!

  2. These are so amazingly adorable! Love them!

  3. Cute cards! Have a safe, and injury-free "trip"! LOL!
    Jan Garber (google still messed up!)

  4. What inspiration. I love the folk art colors here.

  5. That blue ribbon is awesome! I love how Heidi made the border of flowers too, it looks fabulous =) And Kryssi's card... I love the little scene she created! TFS =)

  6. Why you keep doing this to me?? I tell myself, OK, this month I will be good and keep my money safe in the bank. And then you design these fabulous stamps :( And I tell myself ok, I can live without that one....and then you post those gorgeous cards!! So here I am...AGAIN.. a few minutes after placing my order and falling victim of my lack of self control LOL! Love the cards an LOVE YOUR STAMPS!!!


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