Tuesday, November 8, 2011


are you playing along with our challenges?  Here are the details

I think it's cool to see the same concept presented in two completely different styles

Heather's card is FUN and CUTE because of the flirty ribbon, the bold color and those googly eyes add the perfect "cute" touch.

And Laurie's card is SHABBY chic because of the softness of her card...the wood and twill textures and the touch of glitter.

Both cards are amazing!!

What style are you drawn to?
  • Fun and Cute
  • Clean and Graphic
  • Classy and Elegant
  • Shabby and Vintage


  1. Yep! I can proudly say that I am playing along with the Sparks Challenge - and loving it!!! Oeh, just saw my card coming around in the slideshow here on the side! Fun!!
    These cards are both really pretty! What I'm mostly drawn to are two styles: fun & cute and clean & graphic. Can't decide what's my total fave, just love switching! I'll never get bored then! ;-D
    Hugs, Wendy

  2. I tend to go for Clean and Graphic AND Shabby and Vintage. I LURVE playing along with the SPARKS challenges!

  3. LOL, these are adorable cards and super sweet, too! Love them!

  4. so great! I'm definitely a 'fun and cute' card maker... I love the looks of shabby chic but I just can't do it myself, I don't get it! lol

  5. So hard to decide...it depends on my mood and who I might send the card to! I do like a clean and simple look first though.

  6. Oh dear... I thought I had to have these stamps...now I know I do! Love these so much!

  7. fun and cute -- that's why i love smooches. but some occasions or recipients do not necessarily fit that type of card, so if that's the case, i like the classy and elegant.

  8. I love your fun and cute stamps...they are clean and simple yet evoke a smile and thoughts of a good time!

  9. You know I'm playing along with the Sparks challenge! LOOOOOOOVE it!

    And I LOVE these cards by the DT--wow! The toast with the champagne glass--CLEVER! And the shabby card--OH MY! LOVE:)

  10. Two neat cards! I like vintage and shabby style the best but I also like CAS, as well as, cute or clever or elegant ... whew! guess I'm good to appreciate them all! :)


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