Tuesday, June 12, 2012


...and Pip Squeaks...are just dang cute, aren't they?  K, so I hope the baby's eyes don't creep you out, but they needed to be that size in order to color them the way you like.  Emily used the teddy bear perfectly.  I imagine there are other PS images that will work well also.  Maybe our sailboat or maybe he can hold the hand of one of our critters.  Emily used the sentiment from our Green Acres stamp set and words from Helping Hands and Word Up to dress up her die cut mat...GREAT card!!  Ack - I just noticed the stamped dashed line...the stamp is from Santa Paws.  Boy, she has a way of making amazing use of our stamps - WOW!

 sigh - what an incredibly gorgeous card this is...

It's a little hard to tell by the photo, but I think that little bundle is wrapped in a glittery blanket (swoon).  LOVE these colors...perfect design and flirty touches.  Stunning card Laurie :)

It's the second week in June and I am not sure how I feel about that.  Is time flying for you too?
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  1. Flying? Yes. And my folks keep telling me it flies faster the older you get. Yipes.

  2. both gorgeous! you cracked me up with the creepy baby eyes. i think theyre cute!
    -Rachel w k

  3. LOL!!!! To be honest, the baby's eyes did creep me out. I didn't know why you made them that way but now I do. You're so funny!

  4. These are both so fun! And yes, time is going too fast. It feels like it's almost Christmas!!!

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