Wednesday, July 18, 2012


SPARKS Challenge was posted on Monday - did you see?  It's a COLOR challenge this week.  I always LOVE those!  Check it out if you have a chance

Jen Wills has two clever cards to share today

She used the planets from Space Cadet to act as bouncy balls - fun right?  She used Alphadot and other sets to piece together a cute title.  Super fun!

Jen used the toppers on the cupcake from Sugar Rush to create a pile of neat!  Love that the title is yellow - reminding me of the sunshine.  Another VERY clever card (grin)

and Teri created this fabulous Space Cadet card - swooooon  Perfect balance and's jam packed with fun :)

I'd say Have a happy hump day, but that expression bugs me...I think it's really dumb.  Maybe we can change it to Happy Halfway Day - yup, that is so much better.  I am officially coining the phrase right now LOL.  "coining"...another wierd-doesn't-make-any-sense word...hmmmm



  1. Love the cards, very clever!

  2. These cards rock, ladies! Jen has been a fav source of inspiration for me for ages.......go, girls!

  3. LOL, Jen is so super clever and I love Teri's fabulous card, too!

  4. Just stopping in to say I love your daily doses of inspiration. Thanks for being a part of my day. :)

  5. Love them! This inspiration is amazing!

  6. Love these cards!!! I hate the phrase "hump day" too!!! I love "halfway" day though! Perfection!!! :)

  7. Great creations by the July GDT!!! LOVE the creative thinking!

    I also absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Teri's card! She is amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!


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