Friday, July 20, 2012


...the phrase goes like this...
"The eyes are the window to your soul"
Yup, I agree

This is a piece of artwork of mine that I painted when I was 17.  Can you imagine what this handsome gentleman might be feeling, just by looking into his eyes? 

I'd like to think that I am an excellent reader of people.  Their eyes really do tell it all.
I included an eye with our Smoocheroos stamp set because it's just a fun way to say "I".  When I was a kid I loved using pictures instead of words.  I liked to tell a story in a creative way...and somwhow it followed me through the years.

This is a card that I created for today that includes the eye from Smooheroos:

Other sentiments that would work with this card are:
Missing You
With Sympathy
We're moving
Sorry you are sad

Eye hope 2 C U on Monday :)


  1. WHAT???? I can't believe it but I made a drawing of that same man in -87 (when I was 16). It hangs in my mum's office so I just called her to ask her to take a picture of it - I'll e-mail it as soon as I have it!!!

    Yours is fabulous!!
    Hugs, Karin

  2. Wow your painting is amazing..your artistic talent showed up early! Beautiful!

  3. How funny Karen! I was 17 in 1988, so that makes us the same age :) It was a photo from a National Geographic magazine. My painting is about twice the size of the original photo.

  4. Apology accepted... what, not to me? Sorry I can't help, I will forgive almost anything for a card like this! lol

  5. How amazing that you both drew the same man at the same age! I read... worries? regrets? Ok, he looks like Captain Archer and my friend D. (Am I being too shallow? lol)

    All my drawings from pre-school were in squares and rectangles (even for people.) I stopped trying after that... lol

  6. That drawing is incredible, Kim! And I seriously love that card!

  7. Beautiful painting much talent in one person! Great card too...the tears say it all.

  8. WOOOOOOOOOOW! Kim--you are super talented! LOVE that painting! OH MY! You nailed the eyes and expression! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    And I LOVE that card---beautiful apology!

  9. That picture is fabulous. I love faces like that. I grew up around a lot of cowboys and farmers. So many of them had that wonderful character in the face and you captured it so well.

  10. Your artwork is amazing, both the portrait and the card.

  11. Omg, Kim.... Still waters run deep! What a talent you have. And to have the abstractness of mind also to create that card. Inspiring! Very out-of-the-box!

  12. Wow! What an amazing painting! Love the eyes. Fabulously creative card too. Thanks for sharing your wide reaching talent.

  13. What an awesome drawing and awesome original!

    I read in his eyes, "You have no idea of what my life has been like, the things I've done, the things I've seen." Said to a much younger flippant know-it-all journalist.

    Or perhaps to the back of woman's head, his gaze says, "Oh, Eliza, if you only knew how much I love you, have loved you now these sixty years you've been married to James."

    Sorry, I good never really be a story teller because I don't know when to stop! You, however, are definitely an artist!!


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