Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello Monday!

I am ready for a fresh week - how about you?

It was so interesting how Kryssi and Heidi designed similar cards...or chose similar images to create with.  I thought it was such fun to see.  Well, it looks like Kalyn and Heidi have similar tastes  as well.  I look forward to seeing how these two designers compliment each other's style.

Today they used Space Cadet and knocked the set out of the park!

I am loving this design.  I appreciate the soft colored rocket.  I normally think of bold colors, so it's refreshing to see the softer look.  LOVE the white sentiment :)

 ...and how cool is this???  Seriously WOW Heidi - I love how your mind works!!  This card is pure genius and I am in awe.

Our guest designer search for August is officially ON - check it

A NEW SPARKS challenge will be posted today - check it

Now go and have a fabulous day friends


  1. What out-of-this-world FUN! Love both looks. This set is going to be so great....can't wait to use it more!

  2. WOW Love both cards but the astronaut window card is AWESOME! :)

  3. Wow! Wells done ladies!

    Deb Lorence

  4. Love both of these, such fun :0)
    Jenny x

  5. great cards, I love them both so much. Great layouts, great colors! Are those screw brads on the second card???

  6. You found some great paper to go with your cute stamps!

  7. Clunk! (That would be my jaw hitting the floor). Love both of these but that porthole especially rocked my day!

  8. The "astronaut outside the porthole" was terrific!
    It is so unique... my husband loved it, too.

  9. I love these cards, the ladies did such a great job with this set!



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