Thursday, July 12, 2012

The PS Patrol

found some AH-Mazing Paper Smooches cards!!  Seriously people - I am knocked over EVERY-TIME I search our gallery.  Ohhhh the talent :)

These cool cards were found on our Flickr Fan page.

Christine Drogt
I admire a person who has the patience to stamp an image to create a background.  As much as I don't think I am a perfectionist, I think I must be when it comes to lining up icons.  Christine rocked this stamp set!  Awesome - in every way!
(Boob Tubes)

Jennifer Ingle 
It's no secret - I am drawn to quirky!  Check out this super clever card - the "gold-toothed grill" was created with the watermelon and the nose is the top to the salt shaker.  HA!  What a crack up!!

Jenny Moczan 

This card caught the eye of our design team coordinator over at our SPARKS challenge blog too - so this is also a winning challenge card,  I can certainly see why it was chosen.  This is just toooo much fun - I LOVE it!!
(Alfresco, Alphadot)

Kelly Booth 
I am thrilled to see cards using multiple PS truly warms my heart!  This card just POPS!!  I looooove that splashed background (swwwwoooon)  L*O*V*E
(Zoo Crew, Party Posse, Geo-Graphic)

Ummm yeah - this is absolutely gorgeous!  Isn't it wonderful that she popped up select flowers.  The bling splatters really makes this card extra-divine.

Thank you so much for sharing your PS creations on the web for the world to see.
We appreciate you :)


  1. These are gorgeous! LOVE Pamela' flowers, especially, and that GRILL is too funny!!

  2. So many inspiring designs! I love them! Thank you so much for featuring my card!

  3. Kim, GREAT to see your stamps now available at ARCHIVER'S! So sad that I don't live within driving range of one anymore, though...

  4. These are amazing! I love them all!

  5. I love them all. They are cute and quirky--just my style.

  6. Just adorable cards all of them!! Thanks for showcasing my card... I adore paper smooches!!

  7. Oh, wauw, these are super amazing!!! Love the ideas, the colors, and the stamps used! :-D
    Hugs, Wendy

  8. these are some great cards...thanks for sharing.

  9. These are awesome! Jennie's made me LOL. Pamela's is striking!

  10. Agreed, what awesome cards ladies! Y'all rocked it!

  11. These are seriously cool cards :0)
    Jenny x


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