Friday, July 6, 2012


Hello friends.
I have some tips to share using our newest stamp sets

Squeaky Clean: It comes with fun eyeballs that can be added to just about all of the household items on this set.  I stamped the eyes and cut them out.  Fun, right?  How about using googly-eyes?

Teen Routine:  This set started out being a teen school theme set, but I found myself leaning towards technology instead of school.  I am so glad that I went with my gut because this set became more unique than I thought.  

The smart phone can also be used an an I-Pad.  The bird represents "Twitter".  Not sure if everyone knows what i <3 U means - but if you don't, it's computer lingo for "i love you"...or "i heart you".  The little icons such as the camera and letter can be used to represent aps.

Space Cadet: I thought I'd show you how to use the laser beams - fire - petal-type image.   I imagine that it might work for butterfly wings as well.  Any other thoughts?

Our Spiffy Scooter set has a flame on it that would work amazingly well with the space ship, doncha think?

I created this one-layer card using Space Cadet to show how easy it is to make a cute card with just a few coordinating images.  You could add some bling and glitter to jazz it up!  And maybe some bakers twine wrapped around?

Have an awesome weekend  :)



  1. Great ideas!!! Love how versatile your stamps are! :)

  2. such cute ideas! I LOVE the eyes!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Kim! Love your one layer card.

    Deb Lorence

  4. So the eyes on the broom and iron! Lee-Ann :)

  5. So cute, thanks for the tips! I finally made my first paper smooches purchase last night! I got squeaky clean and spiffy scooters! :)

  6. So darned cute I almost can't stand it...

  7. What great ideas! I wish my brain worked like that.

  8. Love the laser beams! First things that came to mind were "Indian Headdress" and "peacock feathers"!

  9. All great ideas! Love the idea of using the flames as petals for a flower! And I definitely agree with Ally's comment that they would make great feathers too!

  10. I love the idea of the eyeballs on the broom and iron Kim.

  11. Great release Kim! I see the flames from the rocket ship as birthday candle flames or a camp fire flame and the sticks or candles would work for either idea. Thanks for explaining the tech codes for us "older" gals. (I had no idea. lol!) Just rec'd my squeaky clean set and I can't wait to get it inky this weekend. ; )

  12. Love these ideas! They look like so much fun! And great to see how you can combine all the sets so perfectly!!! Thanks for showing, Kim!!
    Love the card!!
    Hugs, Wendy

  13. the space cadet is such a fun set and also super unique! thanks the ideas!


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