Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am...

feeling pretty boring this morning with nothing interesting to say (grin).  So I think I will just get to posting two crazy fabulous cards :)

For some reason, this card makes me LOL.  I think it's a total crack up!  Not sure which one of these silly pumpkins is giving the compliment and to who, but it's dang funny!  Sppokalicious is the perfect stamp set for this card (just like chocolate covered pretzels - hard and salty meets soft and sweet)

Karen Baker is back as our guest this week - yay!  She used our Graffiti stamp set to create this incredibly clever card!  The bent edges really grabs my attention - the clean and simple lines (along with the colors) is really soothing to the eye.  What a fantastic card!!

I love how both cards are monochromatic (makes my eyes smile)
...back to nursing my (much needed) coffee
(happy sigh)


  1. both are great, but i REALLLLLY love that pumpkin card. so fun and sweet! just the way i like halloween! :)

  2. Fabulous cards! Love how they are complementary colours!

  3. These are both great...but the pumpkins take the cake! Lee-Ann :)

  4. I love BOTH of these cards!!! I am still giggling at the chocolate covered pretzels comment in reference to the!


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