Friday, August 31, 2012


I have one more peek for you.  Our September stamps release at midnight - TONIGHT! 

MIDNIGHT eastern time to be exact.

I can't hardly wait!!

I truly enjoy conceptualizing fun and unique ways to use our sets.  Here are some variations of stamps using HULLABALOO.
  • The gift bow can be used as a butterfly (stamp it back to back)
  • There are 2 confetti options
  • There are 2 gift bow options
  • There is a solid circle that fits perfectly inside the open round balloon
  • The solid triangle does not fit perfectly in the open triangle...there will be a tiny thin space between the two images.  I love the look that you get, so I decided to design them this way.
  • There are 2 balloon string options
  • The smiley face is a separate stamp
  • Use the solid rectangle to create a pattern
  • The triangle stamps can be used as banners or party hats
  • LOL...looking at this now, I forgot to stamp the smile onto the solid yellow circle (oopse) Please imagine a smile face there  :)
Of course there are more images on the set than is shown...but these are ways to use some of the builder icons from the set.  Keep in mind that different inks will produce different looks with solid stamps.  This set is a ton of fun to stamp with!

And here is a card using all of the geometric images from the set.  I imagine you could recreate this with different colors to work for anyone at any age.

There's still time to comment on our design team blogs for yur chance to win one of the new sets.  Check out yesterday's blog hop post if you missed it.

Have a nice weekend, friends


  1. This is so cool! Can't wait for the release!

  2. Totally loved this set....can't wait to see the whole set

  3. Fantastic set, can't wait to see it.

  4. I love all Paper Smooches stamps! So adorable!

  5. So simple but elaborate at the same time. Very cute!

  6. I LOVE when you do these lists. I've recently been thinking that I hadn't seen one in a while.

  7. Great card Kim! Six minutes and counting to the release!

    Deb Lorence


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