Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey friends!

Yay - it's Friday!!

How about a mini-tutorial to get the weekend started?  I will be drawing - not paper crafting, but I love it just the same.  Will you be stamping this weekend?

Here are some fun ways to use our Spookalicious stamp set:

You can easily arrange the stamp on your acrylic block to create different shapes (and it will bounce back when you are done stamping).  Color the image red to use as an apple.  Emboss the spooky (Scooby Doo) eyes on black card stock!  I made the large smile with the pumpkin shape - I just removed the ink from the top portion before stamping.  Fun stuff, right?

k, so I don't see all of the glitter on my ghost below (pout) but it looks ok I guess  :)  This card is actually pretty BOOring, but it is what it is.  Just remember that you can glitter soooo many images.  I adore my Sakura glue pen.  LOL - now that I look at the direction of the googly-eyes, this little guy doesn't look too stable, ha!

Thanks for stopping by.
Have a good one ;)


  1. this is so cute and i love the eyes :)

  2. LOOOOOOOOOVE this! I love how many faces you can make using this set! FUN x10!

  3. I always love your mini-tutorials, Kim! So great to see those stamps in action. And your cards are NEVER boring! Love the glittery google-eyed ghost!

  4. I love the card. THe ghost super cute. Love your cards thanks for sharing them with us

  5. Your card is awesome! I love those punched half circles in your design. The lollipop idea is fabulous!

  6. I love how you show ideas for using the set. I love that balloon idea. And love your cool layout with the circle punch.

  7. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I might be biased. I LOVE these!

  8. I think this CAS card is far from boring! Love the unique design! I also love that the adorable stamped image is a clear focal point :)

  9. I love the card design! I'm going to try that circle punching idea soon. Luckily I'm in your monthly stamp club so I already have this set. Yay! :-)


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