Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our new Birthday theme set

has a zillion design possibilities.  I love timeless icons like gifts, cupcakes and balloons.  The party hat is seriously overlooked, it's a right of passage for children.  I admit that I don't like wearing party hats or name tags, but as a kid, I am sure that a party hat was on my head at some point.  Check out what Teri created with our party hat-slash-triangle image from Hullabaloo.

Seriously - how COOL is this card???  I love that she left some triangles open and added paper to others.

I am excited to share cards by our newest guest designer - Jennie Moczan!!
I adore her clean cards.  She has a way of making images POP!!
Here are her Great Chemistry cards...see what I mean.  Our stamps jump off her card - LOVE that!!

Happy Half-way day!!


  1. cute the explosive news one with the notebook paper!

  2. Jennie is rocking these!

  3. These are such fabulous cards!!

  4. I NEED that notebook paper!!! HAHA!

  5. Absolutely love these! So fun and fresh!

  6. These cards are so adorable. The triangles looks like quilt and the test tubes are so fun too.

  7. So much awesomeness! Love all these but especially Jennie's rainbow beakers!

  8. Simple cards yet very fabulous. So fascinating! I so wanted to make cards just like these... They're so cute.


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