Tuesday, December 11, 2012


do you know about BUNCO?  My Mother In Law invited me to be a sub when I first started dating her son a few years back and I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful group of women!  We had our Christmas party last night and I had a ball.  Lynda and I were the hosts and I think it went well  :)  The ages range from me (at 41) and go up to about age 75.  I LOVE these girls and have so much fun with once a month.  Have you heard of the game BUNCO - and have you played it before?  If you are unfamiliar - it's a dice game between 12 people.

I ask my design team to create two cards per stamp set...and sometimes depending on how the month falls, there is a lone card that doesn't get shown.  Technically it's for the sneak peeks, but our manufacturing has been delayed for months, so it's hard to give them as much time to create as I'd like.  I have finally been able to get stamps into their hands quite early, so I think I will be able to start sneak peeking stamps earlier than the blog hops - yay!

So today I have two cards to share by Emily and Laurie using Flap Happy :)

ummm - WOW!  What an incredible card this is!  It looks like she stamped a border and then fussy-cut along the outside edges.  LOVE the spritzing!  I am back to WOW!

Here's another outstanding card by Emily.  She used the back side of the butterfly stamp to add color to the butterfly - LOVE!

and ahhhh, Laurie's cards are soooo elegant and beautiful!  Swwwwooon-so pretty!

...and one more card to make you smile.  What a wonderful idea to highlight one of the butterflies.  I think it's fabulous that she created a neutral background to make the accent butterfly the main focus - Brilliant!!

I hope these cards have inspired you today. 
Happy Tuesday friends


  1. OMG, these cards are gorgeous!!! I especially LOVE the pretty pink, shabby chic card by Laurie! OMW, I want to create cards that look as pretty as that!!! (:

  2. beautiful cards...love those butterflies..

  3. all sooooo lovely! I have not played Bunco, but perhaps it is time!

  4. Nice! That last card with the butteflies would be so encouraging for someone needing some hope!

  5. Gorgeous cards! You have the most awesome designers :)

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your Christmas party! I have never played Bunco before. I'll have to look that up!

  6. Wow, do I see a slight change of "font" coming down the pike?!?!? Luverly.

  7. OHHHH! What a beautiful set of cards today--LOVE those butterfly images! I cannot wait to ink these stamps:)

    Bunco??? Heard of it but never played it! I must give it a try!! <3


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