Thursday, December 13, 2012

The PS Patrol...

ohhhh we found some beauties in our Flickr Gallery!  I thought that I'd choose cards that are perfect for the upcoming holidays.

HERE are our Christmas/Holiday stamp sets

Andi Sexton 
I thought this card would be a great option for Hanukkah.  The colors really speak to me...and I LOVE the split-colored sentiment.

Jenny Mullens
How fun is this???  Jenny used the virus bug from Healthy Vibes and made it into a splat - brilliant!!  her coloring is AH-mazing!!

Karen Dunbrook 
What a fun little who-ville looking card!  I love every inch of this whimsical card!!!

Melania Deasy
This is crazy-cute!  Melania's attention to detail is awesome!  Serious cuteness going on here :)

Rachel Kleinman
This card makes me go's perfectly executed.  L*O*V*E!!

If you haven't already created your Christmas cards, I hope these will give you a little inspiration.

Tomorrow is our last Kismet blog promo and I am sooo excited about this set!  Buzzzz :)

Enjoy your day friends
huge hugs,


  1. These are just fabulous! LOVE the snowball fight card, it's super cute and genius! They're all just so full of great design and fun, creative use of PS stamps! :)

  2. Cool cards! I've spotted Jenny's card before, it's so fun!

  3. Fabulous cards all! But the "snowball splat" card that Jenny made tickled me silly. SO creative!

  4. hanks for showing my card Kim, fab selection as always :0)
    Jenny x

  5. Thanks Kim, for showing my card. It was so fun to put together and I just love playing with your stamps.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

  6. Thank you Kim for spotted my card :) I'm so honored :)

  7. im so honored to be in this talented group. thank you kim!

  8. Brilliant choices as these are all fabulous cards!

  9. These are all lovely & sweet! Your site is always an inspiration! Looking forward to the Kismet promo tomorrow!

  10. Oh gosh! Thank you for including me in this GREAT lineup of talented card makers!

  11. Great collection of cards!! LOVE each one--esp. Jenny's!! That splat is soooo fun!


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