Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grocery Carts

ok, so grocery shopping may not be the funnest outing, but it sure if a fun image to fill!

Emily chose a baby - seriously what a crack up!!  I just adore the pile of toys being thrown from the cart.  Every time I look at this card I see something cuter than the nest, LOL

Laurie chose fruits.  That apple is so funny.  That cheesy-grin is a kick in the pants!

 ...and Karolyn filled her cart with gifts and a gift card!  I love that white cart!!

I look forward to seeing what you all fill your Grocery Cart die with.
Happy Tuesday crafty-friends


  1. I would say that has to be the cutest die!! Adorable cards.

  2. I think this is the CUTEST die ever, and I love what the DT has created with it!!!

  3. Those are very good graphic cards which use the die effectively. Thanks for making my day smiley!

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Such a fun die and fabulous cards.

  5. Adorable cards!!!!!! The first one is absolutely brilliant!!!!

  6. AWESOME cards- LOVE LOVE LOVE that grocery cart die! Cannnnnnot wait to get more dies!!!! <3


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