Friday, March 8, 2013


Virtual Smooches blog is hoppin'!  Our design team has agreed to share some videos with you - we are in for a treat!!  I will let you know each time a new video is shared - or you can subscribe.  I watched both videos and definitely learned something :)

Last week's challenge winner was Angie Ha!  How fun is this???  The challenge was a photo and she rocked it!  I LOOOOOOVE that she bent their necks and mirrored the giraffe image - GREAT job Angie!

This week's SPARKS challenge - smiley faces!

I am going to photograph some cards when it get's lighter here...I have  EIGHT cards to share...all of which I chat about during my class tomorrow.  There is still time to sign back soon.



  1. WOOOOOOOW! 8 cards!!! That's awesome!! I wish I was going to this class-- I'm celebrating Trav's bday for three days (starting today)! I hope the class goes well-- I'm sure it will!!

    Congrats to Angie! LOVE the new challenge--SMILES:) <3

  2. Your cards are AWESOME!!! The iheartart set is CALLING MY NAME!


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