Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hello Saturday

Errands are planned for me.  I also have to prepare for Career Day at my daughters school on Monday.  Talking about myself has never been easy for me.  I get all shweaty and nervous, which is really weird, because I feel like a confident speaker.    Five classes for 20 minutes each, talk about intimidating.  And next week is their last week of school, so most of them will have a glazed look on their face.  I know, I did this two years ago for my son.  I am happy to do it, but I do get freaked out!

You's probably gonna freak out over these fabulous cards using our newest dies.

Karolyn used our Hot Spots Large Base die and Think Fast die.  LOVE how she used the window in the Hot Spot!  That straw is plain adorable!

And Laura used our Digits dies and Digits stamp set.  (sentiment from Birthday Sampler)  I am honestly not sure how the heck she created this incredible card!  I am going to watch her blog to see if she shares the process.  It's freaking amazing!!!

have a good one!
xx Kim


  1. Please share, Laura! That IS a great technique and enquiring minds want to know! :)

  2. Kim, I'm sure you'll be fabulous on Monday! Love both of the cards...they are awesome as always!

  3. Kim, you'll do a fantastic job! No worries! These cards are so cool! TFS!

  4. That digits card really is amazing!

  5. Fun cards Ladies!! Stay calm and talk on Kim!! The kids will enjoy you I'm sure!!

  6. Kim - you'll be fantastic! Wish I could come to listen and learn from you! No glazed-over looks from me; rather rapt attention...and note taking! Definitely! Have an excellent Sunday - and no need to be nervous; you are awesome!

  7. Hello.
    The design of this card is great.
    Color scheme is wonderful.
    From Japan.
    Ryoma Sakamoto.

  8. OH MY! Both cards are AMAZING! I was just going to use that hot spots die the other day! OH MY! SOOOOOOOOO cute:)

    ps.... I hope your Career Day went awesome! I would love to see you and hear your talk!!! <3


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