Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Hello my beautiful friends!
I hope your Monday was fabulous (and that today is even better)   :)

ohhhh, I am in LOVE!  I am diggin' the texture in the background and on the circle edges.  Her color combo is fantastic and the design just rocks!!  Awesome card Laurie!!

Emily used our Power Rays die is an amazing way!  It really adds movement to this adorable card :)  Her coloring is awesome and the product placement is perfect.  I loooooove this card!!

In the world, the United States and France have the most pet dogs. Approximately one out of every three families has a pet dog. Switzerland and Germany are the lowest only having one dog per every ten families

xoxo Kim


  1. These are fabulous cards! I LOOOOOOOOVE Laurie's use of papers and texture! FAB x1000000:) Emily's card is super cute!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, Kim <3

  2. Awesome cards...you're tempting me with these Valentine beauties, but must stay Christmas focused for a few days longer! Ideas sparked...


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