Friday, February 28, 2014


I hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend.  I am looking forward to having dinner with one of my brothers which is always a treat!

Ashley's card is beautifully put together!  I LOVE the mixture of patterns and colors.  Her layering is perfect!  Curving the sentiment onto the Streamers die is a great look!

Karolyn did a fabulous job at pulling card stock colors from this very pretty paper and creating a perfect flower accent with our Flower Dies.  Her silky bow is absolutely perfect (oh how I wish I could tie bows like that!)  Her clean tag really stands out from the busy paper in the that!  She cut the stamp so that she could change the position of the sentiment.  (that's the beautiful thing about clear stamps)

We write $10. instead of 10$ (as it is spoken) to prevent forging “I owe you 10.00$” can easily be changed to “I owe you 910.00$” but “I owe you $10.00″ can at most be increased by less than a penny to “I owe you $10.0099999″.



  1. LOVE the cards for today!! I hope you have a FABULOUS WEEKEND and that you're able to breath after the BUSY week you've had!! =) Enjoy your dinner and eat some extra Dessert for me!! =) LOVE your FACT for today!! In today's times of identity Theft its a GOOD THING we write it that way!! =) THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Weekend!! =)

  2. Sweet cards! I also like the way the sentiment is curved.

    Your fact is great. I've just happened across your blog and have enjoyed reading them. : )

    Identity theft is a problem as the reader above wrote. Maybe we should sign our name with a symbol in front so no one could add their name to ours - thus changing our identity! What do you think? heehee (I crack myself up!)

    $Patti : )

  3. Enjoy your dinner with your brother. Love the two cards posted - so sweet! The fun fact is so interesting too!

  4. LOOOOOOOOVe these cards-- Ashley's color combo and Karolyn's design with the tag.... BEAUTIFULLY done!

    Interesting fact-- note to self:)

    Also--- have a fab weekend with your brother <3

  5. Love the spiffy scooter card!!! So cute!!!


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