Saturday, March 15, 2014


Hola friends!  Happy Saturday!

ok, wow - I LOVE that Laura made the unicorn horn into cute birthday hats!

Isn't her coloring fantastic!?!  I'm not sure which is more delicious looking, those chocolate cupcakes or those darling party ponies!

hehehee, tell m you're NOT smiling right now...

JJ created this totally fun scene by masking the giraffe from our Zoo Crew stamp set and placing it into the sports car.  I love her use of our new Quotables die!

A man fell on a high pressure air valve. It lodged into his butt and inflated him to twice his size nearly killing him. He survived but it took three days to fart and burp out the excess air.



  1. That is so adorable and creative! Genious!

  2. I just looooooove Laura and JJ!!!! They are so clever! LOVE these little cards and designs:)

    What an interesting Fun Fact!

  3. Oh boy, these are so cute!

    And your Fun Fact - yikes!!

  4. I am in love with the cupcake toppers. So cute!


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