Friday, March 28, 2014


TGIF....nuff said :)

There is a whole lotta cuteness going on here!  I love the darling little touches that Ashley adds to her's so fun to look at.  I love how "friend" takes center stage :)

Karolyn's card is beyond fabulous!  I am not sure if those patterns are paper or washi tape...either way - it looks soooo cool!!  She balanced out the black perfectly and those popped up stars are just the bomb!!

Intel employs a “futurist” whose job is to determine what it would be like to live 10 or 15 years into the future

hugs and smooches!


  1. Wonderful the sweetness of the first and the creativity of the last.

  2. Wonderful cards. Karolyns just blows me away, the precision with which she haslined up the stars so that they almost disappear on the stripes of colour, just amazing.

  3. Super cool card! I am blown away how precise the stars are with the patterns, absolutely perfect! Amazing! Love it!

    1. Sorry, I just noticed there was actually 2 cards. Which I really like the other one too! The friend die cut out looks wonderful with the hi sentiment in the banner. Love the color choices as well, great for spring!

  4. FABULOUS pair of cards, they are filled with FUN :)

    LOVE the friend and LOVE the popped stars too - WOW!!!

  5. OHHHHHH! Ashley and Karolyn--- amazing! Nuff said:)


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