Saturday, March 29, 2014


...where the heck did March go???  Did it seem to go extremely fast to you?  April is around the corner and I didn't see March come or go...weird!

Betsy's card will surely bring sunshine to anyone who receives this darling card!  If only it really rained hearts...the world would be a happier place :)  I love her sunbeams and cloud cluster.  That pink unicorn is the bomb!!
(Spectrum stamps and dies, Borders 2 die)

Pamela created this adorable wedding congrats card!  Well, I don't know why I immediately thought of wedding when it can cover so many, new job, new car etc.  Her soft coloring is perfect...and the enamel dots add a fun touch to those cute balloons!
(My Guy stamps and dies, Love Monkey)

Flies like beer because it contains glycerol. 
They will drink it until they are intoxicated.

xx Kim


  1. Awesome that adorable unicorn and the trailing baloons on the last.

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  2. Kim, love love love today's fun fact :P

  3. OHHHHHHHH goooooooooodness-- I'm blown away by Betsy and Pam's creations! LOVE their choice of colors and coloring! FAB x10000000!


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