Friday, May 9, 2014


Happy Friday!

ohhhh my, this is one SUPER-cool card!!!
Jocelyn cased in the sequins with a clear sheet and used foam tape to make the shaker space.  This is a fantastic card for baby, wedding, anniversary etc.  LOVE this!

Ashley's cars is darling.  It's perfectly balanced and the washi tape, enamel dots and sweet bow are super cute elements.  Our Polaroid die makes a perfect frame!

The mayor of Key West, FL declared war against the United States, surrendered after one minute, and applied for one billion dollars in foreign aid.

xx Kim


  1. Pretty pair of cards!!!
    I confess that I LOVE the Retro Arrow die and shakers are SO MUCH FUN!!!

  2. That shaker card is cool. What a novel idea. You turned on a light bulb in my head....thanks!

  3. SUPER SUPER cute cards! Jocelyn knocked my socks off with that shaker card-- and Ashley's card is FABULOUS! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE visiting the PS blog- totally inspired;)


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