Monday, June 23, 2014


Happy Monday!

stock update:
The only item that is currently out of stock is Balloons dies.  We expect a shipment this week.  (most likely on June 26th)

You have a week to place an order in June to qualify to receive Blissful Banners stamp set for FREE...with qualifying purchases over $60.

awwww, I love this super sweet card!  Michele brought the images from our Alfresco stamp set to life with her fabulous coloring skills!  The "gingham-looking" tablecloth was stamped with the checkerboard stamp set Borderlicious (clever!)
This is adorable in every way :)

This card is fabulous!!  You could use this wonderful design to create a birthday card for anyone at any age...just change out the colors and patterned papers.  You could create a bunch of these beauties and leave the pinked circle empty and add in the numbers as soon as you need a birthday card...I should do that.  I am always wishing I had a birthday card handy (and cringing when I have to make one, maybe that's not a good thing to admit)

Zombies can’t exist. They have too many natural predators (i.e. birds, maggots, insects). Any form of weather is bad weather for them without a regulatory system to maintain temperature (hot days their flesh goes rancid and falls off 
until they are bone, cold days they literally freeze). At most a zombie 
outbreak would last a few days.



  1. Hee hee, that ant card cracks me up, SO CUTE!!!

  2. OH MY! Michele has knocked my socks off--- WOWZA! LOVE that ant! FUN card:) Kalyn has nailed this birthday card- SUPER fun!

    FAB post! TOTALLY inspired:)

  3. I have to comment on your Fun Fact today. I watch Walking Dead with my 2 older teens & have sent this on to them. (Of course, neither is home with me tonight!) I never seriously thought about the possibility of zombies, but reading your obvious reasoning makes me laugh out loud!

  4. Thanks for sharing ways to use the free banner stamp set I received with my order. Love the ant one....oh, no another set to buy! Thanks for filling my order so quickly! I love this blog because of the creative ideas.


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