Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Happy half-way day!

Our Stitched dies adds amazing texture to paper and Teri demonstrates that beautifully.  (look closely)  I love her color combo and the bright white sentiment!

Erin shows how a stitched line along the side anchors her sentiment panel.  She replaced the beginning of the "beautiful" sentiment die with the word "boo" - clever girl!!This is a super cool card :)

Miriam is our guest and holy cow do these cards amaze me!
This outdoor scene takes my breath away!  I love the blended color.  I don't know how she highlighted those pieces with white, but it looks amazing!  Notice how she used the candy as hanging lights...LOVE!

...and this darling scene is just WOW...sooooo cute!!  I LOVE the inked edges.  She cut along the stitched line on the Stitched die...neat huh?  I love the dimension and softness of her card - lovelovelove

Johnny Cash took only one music lesson, after which his teacher told him
“Always do it your way.”

I hope your day is wonderful!!
Love ya!


  1. Wow, super cute cards! I absolutely love the kitty card - too cute! :)

  2. OHHHHHHHHH MY! Teri is AMAZING (as always)! LOOOOOOOOVE Erin's card--- perfect colors for Halloween! And OH MY OH MY! Miriam has knocked my socks off! She is sooooooooo fabulous---- love these cards! WISH I would have thought of them! LOOOOOOOOVE <3

  3. Wonderful cards and great inspiration for the rest of us!!! Teri, what a clever idea of using the stitched dies that way! And Erin, LOVED the eyes in Bootiful!! So fun! Then Miriam, your cards are so unique and loved the soft edges! All of you are truly talented! Enjoyed it!


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