Wednesday, October 29, 2014


haha, I agree, me toooo!
I want to eat that sweet cupcake!!
I love that Erin colored the veggies with grey makes them look extra-bland next to her delicious cupcake :)
Her colored sentiment is fabulous!!!

ack - cuteness overload!!
I loooove the use of the Rainbow die (BIG grins)
This card is AWESOME, nuff said :)

Jamie Greene's last week with us - BOO!  (Halloween pun intended LOL)
We have loved having her this month :)  Thank you Jamie - you rock!

She created this adorable Halloween card using our Seasonal Trees Dies, and Ghoulfriends stamps and dies.  Oh how I adore that glitter moon (and googly eyes)!

When Eddie Murphy was on SNL in the early 80s, other cast members often had to go downstairs after shows to catch a cab for him because no cab drivers would stop for a young black man late at night.

xx Kim


  1. Wonderful cards.... love the rainbow, the Halloween card is fab and that cupcake card- adorable!!!!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHH! I just love Erin's card--- ACK! It's soooooooooo cute! LOVE how clever she is!!! <3

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Teri's card--- it's soooooooooo her! Amazing! Fabulous! LOVE it all!

    And Jamie's card is so fun-- perfect for Halloween! Love the glitter moon! FUN!

  3. Love the cards, but have to admit I love seeing the fun facts again!


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