Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Remembrance Day!

Our most sincere thanks to all who have served and are still serving to keep us safe.

Cute Fruit

hehe, try not to smile at this adorable card!
I adore this fruit couple!  They look amazing together - eeeeek!!
Simple and totally sweet in every way :)

Laurie's card evokes a huge smile as well ;)
Her happy couple is sooooo dang cute!!!
I love the plaid, vellum and darling clip accent.
(Notebook Basic Die)

A strawberry is not a berry yet a banana is. The strawberry is
 classified as an accessory fruit.

lots of smooches!


  1. Oh, these are too cute!!! Love!

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHH goooodness! Em's card is just too cute! CUTE FRUIT!

    And Laurie's card is so fab! I LOVE her style and design!

    The PS DT rock my socks off!

    As for the fun fact--- interesting! I love both strawberries and bananas:) I've also heard that tomatoes are fruits? I guess I need to research that:)

  3. Such a fun cards and versatile stamp set!


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