Friday, November 21, 2014


I am so glad that Jocelyn and Ashley used the "hip hip hooray" sentiment! 
(that little HIP is somewhat hidden on this set)

how fun is this???   I haven't seen that little porcupine is a while...he looks so cute on this card!Playful and super fun - I love it!!

This is a super cute teacher's card!!  I love those colored grad caps - eeek!  I love the collage style, everything flows beautifully.  Well done  :)

Hitachi once produced an ATM that heated bills to 200 degrees C to kill 
any bacteria, then ironed them before dispensing.



  1. OHHHHHHH MY! I just love that little porcupine! LOVE Ashley's card--- fun x10000000! AND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jocelyn's card--- what a great school themed card! FAB x10000000000!

  2. Cute card.... and I have to say that I love your fun facts!!!


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