Thursday, November 13, 2014

PS Patrol - November

It's another PS Patrol day.  And you all know how much I enjoy seeing your PS projects splattered all over the web!  You make me VERY happy, thank you :)

Here are five cards that I think are super cute and I am proud to share them here.

This card is lovely.  Everything about it.  The feminine colors, the white stamped outline and the sweet twine bow.  LOVE

This is a great idea for a journal.  (or an address book for Christmas cards maybe?)
I LOOOOVE the use of our Rainbow definitely makes me think of peppermint (yummm)

I wish i could see this card in person.  It looks sparkly!
Karin ROCKS at coloring!  I love how this looks like a window and the marshmallows look like they are popping off the card.  This is really fantastic.

First of all...I love the mix of pastel and bold color - just WOW!!
Her dimension is awesome!!
I love the mix of natural twine and crisp white as well.
This is a really FUN card  :)
(rosy cheeks - swoon)

...and we end with an incredibly gorgeous Christmas card.  I think this scene is breathtaking!  I am amazed at how she colored over the city.  This is a jaw-dropper.

Chillies evolved heat to deter mammals from eating them whilst not affecting birds, who can’t taste them and fly around pooping the seeds everywhere.

xx Kim


  1. WOWOWOWOWZA! NO wonder these creations caught your eye in the galleries! LOOOOOOOVE them all!

    LOOOOOOOOOOVE Miriam's card--- wish I was clever and talented like she is! LOVE that card x100000000:)

  2. Beautiful flowers on the first card! And love the "peace on earth".

  3. CONGRATS on being Featured Ladies!! I LOVE them ALL!! =) WOWOWOW the AMAZING INSPIRATION that has been shared the last couple of days has REALLY SPARKED my Creativity!! =) Can't wait to share what I have been creating!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =)


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