Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Oh my gosh, how cute is this???
This is my favorite color combo and it makes me so happy.
I love the big heart behind the adorable snow couple.  
The cute bird takes the cake!

Let me start with an awwwww
The stitches looks awesome!
The snowflakes are stunning
This winter scene is beyond darling...nuff said :)
(Large Snowflakes Dies, Cool Dudes Icons Dies, Stitched Dies)

Sooo, I created six flat Christmas cards and shared them last week.  I decided I needed to pump them up, so I added some flair to them...do you like the changes?

Africa’s true size isn’t shown on standard maps and it’s larger than China, West Europe, and the US combined.

hugs and smooches


  1. i loved the snowman one! the sentiment "there's snow one like you" is absolutely adorable!

  2. Love the sentiment "there's snow one like you"! BTW, did you announce the blog hop winner?

  3. I liked your cards one layer but the embellishments really add a lot.

  4. I have scoured the entire internet for the Cool Dudes stamp set. No one in the US has it. I could kick myself for not getting it when I had the chance. I hope it is back in stock soon.

  5. OHHHHH! Laurie's card--- stunning! AMAZING! FABULOUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great detail--- she knocks my socks off!

    Em's card is awesome too--- love her stitched hills! FUN!

    And your cards are super fab--- love that you altered them! They were amazing before and even more AMAZING now:) YOU ROCK, Kim!


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