Tuesday, February 17, 2015


(Just for You Icons Dies)

(Religious Words Dies)

(Have Faith, Hope Dies, Crosses Dies, Cardbooking Dies, Hot Spots Large Base Die)

(Baby Bow Die, Easter Blessings)

Researchers in Tokyo have developed a mirror that tweaks the viewer’s reflection in real-time to make it look like they’re smiling. The projected application for this tech is for use in shopping mall bathrooms, in hopes that happier shoppers will buy more.

xoxo Kim


  1. WOOOOOOOOW! Emily and Laurie have knocked my socks off! LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly creations and the religious themed cards are OH MY! OH MY! OH MY! They are my fav:)

  2. LOVING these cards for today!!! What BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS!! :-) THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Week!!! :-)

  3. I like very much these cards with butterflies on them, their bright colours are gorgeous!

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  4. Gorgeous butterflies and GREAT cards!


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