Saturday, March 14, 2015


(Little Fella)

(Hang Ups, He Said, She Said)

(Graceful Beauties, Flap Happy)

(Crustal Clear, Luminous Spring)

A cave in France has the footprints of an 8- to 10-year-old boy left in the mud 26,000 years ago alongside the paw prints of either a wolf or a large dog, the oldest evidence of human/canine relationships ever found.

xoxo Kim


  1. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Inspiration for today!! LOVING ALL of the FUN Designs!! ;) THANKS for sharing and have a Fabulous Weekend!! ;)

  2. OHHHHHHHH! JJ and Laura are super talented--- LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these cards! LOVE JJ's butterfly card- WOWZA! And Laura's parrot is super cute!!! LOVE her coloring!!!

    AMMMMMAZING post full of inspiration <3

  3. I need to CASE all of these amazing cards. That is all.

  4. Who drew the Squirrel, in the Thoughts of a You Card, with grossly exaggerated assets? Since when did Squirrels have these Assets? I am not really finding that Sample Card to be very humorous, but rather insulting! Is the Dog drawn with his anotomically drawn parts rising to the occasion? No! Why would you show this Card as a Sample?

  5. Gorgeous cards! All of them :o)

    I have been trying to figure out how Laura did cut the circle around the parrot on her card. I'd love to try that.


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