Friday, April 17, 2015


Helllllo Friday!  I am happy to see you :)

(Bam Bubble Dies, Stitched Frames Dies, Positive Strokes Two)

(Love & Cherish Dies)

(Slang Gang, Woofers & Tweeters, Spring Groves)

(Reflections, Bold Blooms, Ahoy Me Hearty)

Central American Stingless Bees have been cultivated by Mayans for thousands of years. The bees are regarded as pets and their hives hung in and around the home. Some hives have been recorded as lasting over 80 years, being passed down through generations.

xxoo Kim


  1. HOOOOOOOOOOOOLY COW! This post has so much inspiration--- I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kay's cards! LOVE the watercoloring and the way she added that gem from Ahoy Me Hearty to that hand! WOW! FAB!

    And goooooooodness me! Ashley is so amazing--- LOVE her use of the stitched frames dies with that first card! Subtle but AMAZING! And that shaker card--- WOOOOOOOOOOWZA!

    The PS DT--- never ever disappoints! TOTALLY inspired:)

  2. Great cards! I'm late on my blogreading—just say yesterday was your birthday. Hope it was a great one!


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