Thursday, April 9, 2015


Hey friends
Typically the second Thursday of each month is saved for our PS Patrol finds.  I haven't had the time to search because I was busy filling I decided it might be fun to have a giveaway opportunity, carries our stamps and dies and I'd love to show them how amazing our Paper Smooches fans are!  Do you have a gallery at  I do...and it dates WAY back to my scrapbooking days.

Link up below and show us your gallery projects at  You can link individual cards or your personal gallery where we can see your PS projects.

please add these key words...
Paper Smooches and papersmooches

...there will be a drop down menu to link to products in their store.
please link to the PS stamps and dies you used (linking any other products is completely up to you)
it helps to fine tune the product options by typing smooches and then another word that might be helpful such as...smooches thanks or smooches school etc

You have until Wednesday, April 15th to play along...
I will choose THREE random winners to receive this...

The winners will be announced on Thursday, April 16th.

A group of crows got so mad at a mask wearing researcher for giving them identification bands that they recruited more crows to harass anyone wearing the same mask years after the fact.

love ya!!


  1. Sooo happy that carries Paper Smooches now!

  2. AWESOME!! SUPER EXCITED about this and will TOTALLY be linking up as soon as I get things uploaded and linked!! THANKS for the FUN Challenge and chances to win!! Have a Fabulous Weekend!! =)

  3. I have a gallery there!

    I saw they are carrying Paper Smooches! Such fun!!

  4. Will have to go check out fun!

  5. I have a gallery there too. So glad your products are now available at I do order some supplies from them and now can easily add a Paper Smooches product. Way to go!

  6. I've not heard of so I will have to go check it out :)

  7. I just sign up for the gallery! YAY!

  8. I have an account with them and added some of my PS cards to my gallery, along with the links to the products in their store :)
    I confess that I am one of the PS fans who is very happy that you've been busy filling orders because it means I have some crafty delights on their way to play at my house => THANK YOU for being so organised Kim.


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