Monday, May 11, 2015


Happy Monday!

There's lots going on over here at the Hughes household...busy as usual with work...but it's an exciting time for us.  My kids turn 16 and 18 this month and my son is graduating from high school next Monday.  Wow - has time flown by!!

Anyone else involved with a graduation this year?

(Daddy yo)

(Daddy yo)

(Daddy Yo, Chubby Chums)

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A woman tried to use a fake million dollar bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at 
Wal-Mart and expected $998,325 in change. 

xx Kim


  1. My son graduates this next Saturday, so I know what you mean. Craziness! Thanks for the creative inspiration! Love PS!!

  2. HOOOOOOOOOOORAY for your son's graduation! I'll be praying for this next step and as he continues on to college... and I'll pray for you too:) You should be a very proud momma---- sounds like he's done an amazing job at school/etc! <3 Congrats!

    LOOOOOOOOOOVE Michele's cards--- esp that little chubby chum under that man hat! Fab colors and design!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Kayln--- she has the most amazing ideas! FAB bookmark:)

  3. I hear you!!! I have TWO graduations within a month! My youngest daughter is graduating from grad school this friday from Washington University in St. Louis in Occupational Therapy. We have a long drive on thursday and then will zip back on Sunday for work on Monday. Then on June 10th my oldest daughter will graduate from her special education school! Because she is in special ed and only gets a certificate of completion, her school goes all out for their graduates. They get caps and gowns plus get to walk across the stage. We get to have a lovely luncheon afterwards that is given by the school and the PTA. It will be a very emotional day for me. We are SO fortunate to live in Michigan because they believe in educating special ed students until age 26!!! :D Best wishes to your son as he continues on to bigger and better things! YAY!

  4. Hi Kim! Love all the new dad products! My son is 18 and will be graduating HS on June 4th, and my nephew on June 5th. Such an exciting time!

  5. Love all!! Beautiful cards☺


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