Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Happy Half-way Day!!

(Birthday Bash)

(Gift tags Dies, Positive Strokes Two)

Melody Rupple is our guest this month - wooohooo.  I am sooooo excited about having her.  
I love her style, so you are all in for a treat this month!

(Man Hat Die, Daddy Yo, Frame 3 Die, File Folders Dies)

(Mustaches Dies, Daddy Yo, Just for You Icons Dies)

Purple is known as a ‘royal’ color because back when they relied only on natural dyes, purple came from sea snails and was the hardest dye to extract and produce so only royals could afford it. To put into perspective just how expensive it is, an ounce of gold is currently worth around $1,200. An ounce of Tyrian purple dye is worth roughly $100,000.

xx Kim


  1. OHHHHHHH! Teri is so fabulous--- love those sequins in her ring trio!

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Melody's creations--- esp that first one with the frame! It looks like the frame is a shirt with a bow tie! TOOOO cute! FABULOUS all around:)


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