Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Oh my goodness, your comments and e-mails truly touch my heart - thank you for taking the time to write a message to me :)  I am beaming with happiness!

I planned today's post to highlight our amazing design team, but before I do that, I thought I'd share a photo of my daughter and Dad, so that you could picture the people who "work" behind the scenes at Paper Smooches.

My daughter Alayna and I

My Dad, Ed

I have had the pleasure of working with so many incredibly talented designers over the years. I am sure you love them as much as I do :)

A special shout out to our Paper Smooches design team.
Our PS DT blog hop is tomorrow - yay!
I am proud to have these girls in my crafty family.
Teri and Laurie have been with us since the beginning <3

  • Teri Anderson
  • Teri and I were Paper Crafts Go-to Gals together.  We were roomies at one of the Paper Crafts editorial meeting and we were able to get together a few more times after that.  This girl is FUNNY!  She is inventive, smart and clever...I adore her.
  • Her style is mostly clean and graphic

  • Laurie Schmidlin
  • Laurie worked the booth for us when we exhibited the booth at CHA (our first year) was a treat to meet her in person.  What a lovely and genuine girl Laurie is. She has a heart of gold.
  • Her style is mostly classy and elegant

I have not had the pleasure of meeting these next cute girls, but I hope to someday.

  • Pamela Ho
  • Pamela thinks "outside the box" and I LOVE her design skills. She chooses super cool and fresh color combinations as well...totally swoon worthy!
  • Her style is clever and creative

  • Michele Boyer
  • Michele and I go waaay back to Cornish Heritage Farms days.  She was on my design team back then and she has impressed me through the years. Michele is a gem and I feel fortunate to have her on our team.  Copic coloring skills - WOW!
  • Her style is sun and cute

  • Alice Wertz
  • Alice knocks my socks off...she created cards that makes me with I could design like her.  My jaw drops when I see her cards every month.
  • Her style is darling and she has mad coloring skills!

The film Ronald Reagan called “the worst picture I ever made” inspired Jerry Parr to join the Secret Service. Later, Parr saved President Reagan’s life during the 1981 assassination attempt. 



  1. Kim so nice to see the amazing team that helps you out each day. A very special thank you to your daughter Alayna and your dad Ed- so nice to hear when families work together. And of course thank you to the wonderful DT who inspires us! BTW I love these happy pictures of you all!

  2. Great pics! And you have such an amazing DT!

  3. Great DT. I've seen them here and other places too. I especially like seeing pics of your daughter and your dad - the faces behind the scene. TFS.

  4. What a smiling faces pics with your daughter and your Dad is looking great! Wonderful,talented and inspiring Team! Love you all!

  5. Kim i was going to message you but I havent been online. You do have an amazing DT and they inspire me lots. BUT your stamps and dies inspire the most. Thank you for all the lovely stamps and dies over the last 5 years.
    I know Paper Smooches will continue to go from strength to strength and wish you nothing but luck, love and happiness xxxx

  6. Love all the pics and reading about everyone! The pic of you and your girl...absolutely SWEET

  7. Thank you for introducing to everyone. Hello to all.

  8. Love the pics of your family, and reading the history behind the DT Girls!

  9. Great pictures and it's fun to know more about the design team girls and your family. Can't wait for the blog hop!!

  10. So loved the previous post and this one. Great to see behind the scenes. Very inspiring. I have had two strokes and started doing the cards as art therapy and your story of doing the things from home so inspired me to keep on doing things I love and never give up on dreams. Thank you!!!! Btw, is the fun and flirty set going to come back in stock? I was waiting until my disability check came in to buy it but it's sold out!!!! Yay for you - boo for me!!!! Haha. If you could let me know that would be great! Thx.

  11. I totally enjoyed reading the background on PS and your Daughter & Dad. She is beautiful and he looks like the sweetest Dad EVER!
    I so love the work of your inspiring DT. They are all very talented and I believe I am subscribed to most of their blogs. I have found so many fantastic blogs and companies in the past year or so and subscribe to the best of them. I try to comment as often as I can but some days are just too hectic but I do what I can to let them know how much I appreciate their talents. I have to say, I enjoy reading your "fun facts" at the end of your posts. Always interesting. TFS!

  12. Your daughter is a beauty. How special that she and your Dad help behind the scenes. Your team is truly special. I love the inspiration I see every day!

  13. Great to see who is working behind the scenes, thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely family and team. You have got a great team.

  14. Loved meeting your family!!!! You are truly blessed, Kim!!!! A big shout out to your DT...seriously talanted women!!!!

  15. I have so enjoyed reading all about your company, your family, and your design team! I have followed a few of these ladies on other sites and they are very talented. Just got my order with the wine glass and the rain boot! Love, love, love them!!!! Keep the ideas coming because we all love us some Paper Smooches!!!

  16. THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful family with us Kim!!!
    It is great that your daughter & father work with you and the team sound like they are part of the very HAPPY PS family together with you too :)

  17. You are amazing, Kim! Thank you for your work! Love you!

  18. I really like hearing about Paper Smooches and behind the scenes...learning about all the great artist and family members.

  19. Such a nice behind the scene, my family has 22 vets, including me, both my sisters, my hubby our son, 7 cousins, my father, my step father... Goes on and on! We were proud to serve

  20. Kim, thanks for this fun post of who is behind the scenes. LOVE all the ladies on your design team. They all have a unique style. So sweet to see your daughter and dad. Thanks to both of them, too. Have a blessed day.

  21. What an honor for all the DT to be working with you Kim and for the lovely comments you wrote about each of them - your dad is a handsome man and your daughter takes after your beauty -I wish you the best in your business adventure but above all I hope you are in good health and prosper in your walk in life on earth - blessings

  22. Your daughter, your dad, your DT: you are surrounded and supported by incredibly talented, generous people...which reflects highly on how extraordinarily special you are, too! Thank you for sharing everyone with us; wonderful to know who the good people are behind the scenes!

  23. You are blessed to have an amazing design team! Love them, love their different styles!


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