Wednesday, November 16, 2016


(Be Merry)

Oh my goodness..check out what our amazing guest designer Melanie-Jane
created for us to show off this week!
(Merry Christmas Die)

A company will drive you over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge if you’re too scared 
to drive it yourself.



  1. I'm GUESSING this is the post for the Holiday Photo Blog Hop? HOPE SO! (The page that we are directed to, isn't there!) :(
    But, these are LOVELY CARDS!!! ;)MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  2. These are great. I have the same question as the TLady above! I hate clicking a link and getting a "this page doesn't exist!" Love these dies and the 'two-fer' of the second set. Great job. thanks so much

  3. Same situation as TLady but in searching for the blog hop post I saw so many fantastic cards!!! So win! I hope this comment counts toward the blog hop too! LOL!

  4. What happened to the blog hop posts? I tried using the search tool and still got the message--the page you are looking for does not exist. I hope the above cards are what you are sharing--they truly look great!


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