Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Recap from CHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello PS friends:)

I cannot believe this.... it's so surreal... it's been a dream of mine.... I'm at CHA with Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!

So today's post will be short and sweet:)

I hope you join in the fun with our January "cozy" and photo inspiration challenge! More details can be found HERE.

I didn't create anything for this week due to traveling... but here are a couple of ideas for making a cozy card:

  • use vellum- I think vellum over any loud pattern or over white would be very cozy (and actually vellum over white would be like this photo inspiration! LOVE it!)
  • anything about coffee makes me think of warm and cozy
  • two animals hugging... that's cozy
  • scarves, hats, gloves, etc--- that's always cozy! 
  • plaid paper or washi tape- cozy!
You get the idea;) Click HERE to play along or link up below! 

Come back for more inspiration this week- Kim might be sharing some photos from CHA! Hopefully I will be able to craft with her in her studio:) Have a fabulous day- be blessed;) ❤️ Sav


  1. SQUEAL!! YIPPEE I too hope to go to CHA some day!! Hope you guys had a BLAST!!?? I'm SURE you did!! 😀HUGS and hope you share some pics!! ❤❤❤

    1. I had a great time, Larissa;) Maybe someday we can meet- I would looooooove that!!!! You can come to Florida and stay with me at my house;) <3

  2. I'm so sad that I missed you guys!
    What a wonderful gallery of cards!

    1. Were you at CHA?!?! I didn't tell anyone I was going--- LONG story but basically it was because I was nervous no one would care if I went! Rats! Wish I could have run into you <3


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