Wednesday, September 27, 2017


(Halloween Sampler, Hearts Dies)

It's Nonni's last week as our guest.  It has been soooo nice having her this month :)
(Dinky Doodles 2, Inchies Dies, Best Buds)

In 1999 Alec Wildenstein had the most expensive divorce in history with a settlement of $3.8 billion. During the divorce the judge stipulated that Mrs. Wildenstein couldn’t spend any of the money on cosmetic surgery (during the marriage she spent $4 million on surgery to look like a cat).

BIG hugs,


  1. These are two cute card. I love the sentiment on the first one !!

  2. Both cards are fantastic, I love the sentiment on the first card, that's great!

  3. How sweet! I lean more towards monsters and snowmen so I'm in love with both!

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