Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday!

two totally different looks but each as fabulous as the other!
  • a yellow polka dot chick...swooon
  • that sentiment treatment is sa-weet!
  • the softness of this card makes my heart skip a beat
  • well, I could seriously go on all day...fabulous job Laurie!

OMGOsssssh....seriously people, can you get over this fuchsia bird skipping across such a darling goodness I keep tripping over my jaw!!


  1. Two great cards! The spotty chap is sweet and the jolly fuchsia one looks so fun, walking the tightrope banner! Thanks for the inspiration ladies ;)

  2. Good heavens, Heather and Laurie! Both of your cards are dang cute!


  3. Two great cards--one sweet and one fun! Love them.

  4. Two super cards, that's for sure! It's amazing what one can do with a stamp or two, when paired with other great supplies and a good imagination! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! :)

  5. Love the cards! They are both great and I absolutely love the bird!

  6. Who's face wouldn't light up getting this bird on their birthday card. Love both these cards.


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