Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's MARCH release day!

woohoooo . . .we are SO excited!!

Don't you just adore this soft and fabulous color combo!!  Loving the puffs of smoke, the cleanness and the flirty message (pure fun!)

Can you imagine giving this cool card to a teen or a guy?  Laurie's coloring is spectacular and that torn dirt road and all of that texture just rawks!!

We still have much more in store for our Paper Smooches fans, so hold onto your seat!

One day I was struggling to find the perfect rub-on...it was a day that a stamp simply would not do (it was a bumpy surface and a tight spot).  I felt that there was a hole in the market and just had to fill it if I could.  So, I made a call and reached out to EAD Designs to see if they were willing to work with me, and she said "yes"!  What exactly does this mean?  We are co-branding rub-ons and clear stickers of sets that I am putting together with a bunch of various fonts.  At this time, Paper Smooches stamps will NOT be made into rub-ons or clear stickers.  What you can expect is a new rub-on/clear sticker design released each month.  They will be sold at the EAD Designs web site HERE.

They offer this product in a wide range of colors that I think you will be VERY impressed with (I certainly am).  The quality is fantastic . . . I use my finger to apply the rub-on, imagine that?

They may be made into stamps in the future

Here are a couple of samples using them:

Head on over to the EAD Designs web site to see the entire set!

more nugget sized Paper Smooches perks coming along soon
enjoy your day!


  1. So cool! I love rub-ons almost as much as stamps and your designs are perfect. :D

  2. Fantastic cards!! And the rub ons news is fabulous!!

  3. woot woot..so excited that EAD Designs is Co-Branding with Paper Smooches! I had a ball playing with the Falling for You set and the new Stickerz!!! Love all your cards for today!

  4. OMGoodness! That is the coolest news! I can't wait to get my paws on those new stamps! YAY! HUGS!

  5. OMG these are all super duper uper cute!!! Loving the Co-branding, it was awesome getting to play with the new releases! Can't wait to see more! :)

  6. The examples on the cards are beyond adorable and I'll tell you, I sit here almost everyday needing the right rub-on sentiment and don't have it. I am off to check out the new goodies for sure!

  7. Just ordered my vegi set!!! Can't wait to get it in the mail and play with it!!!!

  8. Pretty darn cool for being in business for a month now! Congrats! On both new stamps and rub ons.

  9. Love the veggies! And way cool rub-ons! Everything looks great, keep up the great work Kim! Congratulations!

  10. Kudos on the March releases--too darned cute. Very excited about your new endeavor with EAD Designs! Can't wait to see what the future holds.

  11. Love the new release! Congrats on your new venture!


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