Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello friends!
On the second Thursday of every month 2 projects will be posted by 2 talented designers that are found on the web.  The patrol is sent out to find super-fabulous projects using our stamps and templates!  Facebook, our Fan Flickr page and personal blogs are our favorite places to look.

Cassie Trask
What a HAPPY card!!!
That Birthday bird skipping across that chevron path makes me smile all over.  I love her adorned sentiment, and the placement is perfect.  SUPER FUN CARD.

Leigh Ann Baird
seriously friends, are you not chuckling right now?
the flames and smoke clouds, makes me LOL.
nope, never would have thought to make a crashed and burned scooter, that is why I appreciate this kind of quirkiness!
This card is pure genius!

We also have SIX winners to announce - drum roll . . .

Friendly Flowers - Luvhyms

Boob Tubes - Vera W. Yates

Giddy Bugs - Margie C

Spiffy Scooters - Germana Villa

Vegtastic -AJ Otto

Sentiment Sampler - Ashley Nguyen Newell


please e-mail your address to:

Thank you for sharing your favorites with us.  It's great feedback.  I CANNOT WAIT for you to see the May release!! eeeeeeek ;)

huge hugs,


  1. Eeeeeeee! I am just over the moon that the PS Patrol likes my card. Thank you for such a fun honor :D

  2. Super cute cards found on the PS Patrol!!!

    Congratulations to the winners and the card makers!!

  3. Congrats ladies!!! I can't wait to see the May release!!

  4. Thanks for showing my card! Congrats to all the stamp winners!

  5. YAy... I'm so happy to win Boob Tubes!! Thank you so much!! :)

  6. Ooooooh! these are both fabulous cards! The birdie one is so bright and happy! The other is hilarious. Love the flames coming out the side. :)

  7. I'm SOOOOOOO excited! Thank you sooo much!

    And super fun cards, ladies!

  8. What great cards! Congrats to the winners too :>)

  9. yeeee haw!!!! thanks so much!!
    :) Emailing you now! :)

  10. Thank you Kim!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooooooo happyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!!!!


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