Monday, May 16, 2011

more chums

I dare you....
to not smile at this card :)
it makes me giggle, out loud.  k, so let's start with the fact that Kryssi made the owl into a chubby chick!  That along with the bowing electrical wire is a stinking crack up!!  The banner is from Hang Ups and the "birthday hugs" sentiment is an EAD rub-on.

here's another silly card for you.  For some crazy reason, I think I would smooch that sweet cow!  Heidi's design is very cool - it looks like a picture frame on the wall with some really fun wallpaper.  Clever and cool, as always

Thank you so much for stopping by :)
Enjoy your week


  1. These are UTTERLY adorable! Hee-hee...sorry...I couldn't help it! :-)

  2. Oooh... these cards are really CUTE!!!!! :)

  3. WOW - so cute!!! That first one cracks me up too!

  4. Oh my gosh I love them both. They have me giggling. I love the creativity and inspirtion galore.

  5. adorable! love kryssi's leaning poles--perfect for her chubby chick!

  6. I think it's safe to say the cards posted on this blog are some of my absolute favorite of anything I see on my blog-feed! Love them all!


  7. ACK these cards are SO DARN CUTE! I am always amazed at the creativity of the PS DT! SO FUN! And yes, I admit it - I did laugh... :)

  8. Such darling cards! These stamps can't be any cuter! I received my set from you last week and I have had so much fun playing! Thank you again! They are wonderful!!!


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