Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word Up

Do any of y'all remember that from the 80's?  Was it a sing or a slang phrase, I can't remember?  Either way, its a blast from the past and it seems to work just fine for this "wordy" stamp set

Heather did a great job heat embossing her sentiment.  It's subtle and perfect!  Can you believe how perfect her bows are, every time???

ahhh, so soft and pretty, those are perfect descriptions for so many of Laurie's cards.  I can see this as a sweet baby or everyday card.  I know it would make my day if I received it in the mail.

Happy Birthday to one of our 5 wickedly talented designers - Kryssi Ng - We adore you!!



  1. I love Heather's bows!
    Lovely cards ladies!

  2. Fun cards today! I think "word up" started out as a song and then moved to a slang term. So funny!

  3. Happy birthday Kryssi. Such cute examples.

  4. Today you can hear the phrase Word up! on the PBS show Word Girl.


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